Solar Panels

Dave Gibbons Plumbing & Heating Services realised there was a huge potential and future in installing solar panels both for the environment and saving money. We are experts in the installation of solar panels.

Solar panels produce energy from the sun. Solar energy is a popular method of renewable energy appropriate for both private and commercial clients. Solar panel energy.

All work is carried out by our qualified installers We also service all brands of solar and top up the solar fluid. Solar can supply up to 60% of your yearly hot water needs using free energy from the sun.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels are a very sustainable method of renewable energy installation. It is becoming all the time more prevalent Nationwide in Ireland. When correctly installed it is a perfect way to lower your energy consumption, limit costs and help lower your green footprint.

There are many solar heating alternatives, it’s vital that you get expert guidance on the most suitable system for your premises and get it fitted by an accomplished technician at Dave Gibbons Plumbing & Heating Services. We can:

  • Offer guidance on deciding on the correct solar heating system for your private home / commercial business
  • Fit and preserve your solar heating system to guarantee that it functions at its best productivity

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Produces 100% of hot water
  • Doesn’t need direct sunlight to function (perfect for the Irish climate)
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Low upkeep
  • Grants available for renewable energy
  • Lowers green footprint
  • No need for oil / gas to heat water

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